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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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CTE Internships allow for additional development of career and technical competencies within a general career field. Internships allow students to observe and participate in daily operations, develop  direct contact with job personnel, ask questions about particular careers, and perform certain job tasks. This activity is exploratory and allows the student to get hands-on experience in a number of related activities. The teacher, student, and the business community jointly plan the organization, implementation, and evaluation of an internship, regardless of whether it is an unpaid or paid internship.

Click here to download student internship application and related forms.

CTE Internship Guidelines:
- To be eligible for a CTE Internship, students should have completed a minimum of three CTE courses in their career cluster, one of which is a second-level (capstone) course.

- Student interns must complete at least 135 hours of work to receive credit
  for the internship course.

- Student interns are expected to conduct themselves as professionals
including: appropriate dress, punctuality, conduct, and willingness to learn.

- Student interns are required to submit a monthly time sheet signed by the
  site supervisor. Time sheets are due on the first Friday of each month for
the previous month's attendance.

- Student interns may be compensated for their work at the community
  sponsor's discretion. However, interns (paid or unpaid) may not displace regular employees as a source of labor.

- Child Labor Laws must be observed with respect to acceptable work
   and hours.

- The school's internship coordinator will make at least two visits to the job
   site during the internship to observe the student in his/her internship role.
   These visits are usually unannounced and may occur at any time that the
   intern is scheduled to work. Please contact the internship coordinator if 
   you prefer to schedule visits.

- The site supervisor is required to complete two evaluations for the intern
(midterm and final evaluation) and one for the internship program. These
forms are included in this packet and should be returned at the time
designated on each form.

- All questions and concerns regarding student interns or the internship
program should be directed to the internship coordinator.

Internship Coordinator Contact Information:
Regina Hunt
Career Development Coordinator
Southwestern Randolph High School
1641 Hopewell Friends Rd.
Asheboro, NC 27205
(336) 381-7747
(336) 381-7743 fax